So what's new in 2022?!

So you might be asking...What's new?!  At first thought I was thinking that there really isn't anything new but when I going over this with my trusty side kick we started coming up with a slew of answers! 

  • We took care of our neighbor's dog for a week and while it changed our schedule (early morning walks, late evening walks) but it was a blast and we reconnected with our favorite four legged friend.  Glad to have him and glad to give him back.
  • We added FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $20 or more!
  • We were gifted and expensive bottle of champagne and it tasted great!
  • We had a couple of drinks with our neighbor before he headed off for a six month stint to the Netherlands.
  • We decided to add a FREE gift to every order over $30!
  • We had our bathroom finished and that is a great achievement.
  • My trusty sidekick is just finishing up course work on a Photoshop class which will lead us to our NEXT NEW PRODUCT (more in the months to come)!

So if you stop and think about the last couple of months or so, we bet you would come up with a huge list as well so don't forget to take the time to remember what a wonderful life you have!

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