Shameless product plug in this blog! DO NOT READ! THIS MEANS YOU!


Well, you saw the title and obviously chose to ignore the warning so remember, you have been warned!  My wife and I were at a trade show several weeks ago and came across some wrapped fudge which was amazing!  The flavour that caught our taste buds was Vimto and we had to keep making excuses to visit the stand where the samples were and I'm pretty sure that they grew tired of our grazing but what can you do???? When you need a fix you need a fix!  So I speak with borderline diabetic enthusiasm when I say that you have to try the Vimto Fudge and the Jack Daniel's gets honourable mention as well. Okay so I am also very taken (as in I have taken more than my fair share of) the Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge with Sea Salt and I have been know to sneak some of the Assorted Wrapped Fudge as well... Okay, okay already... I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

Vimto FudgeJack Daniel's FudgeGardiners Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge with Sea SaltGardiners Assorted Fudge

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