Rubber Ducky your the one, you make my bathtime...

So lately we have had a lot of people buying Duck Boxer Shorts and Duck Socks which reminds us of Ernie singing the rubber ducky song as well as those wonderfully fun and famous ducks: Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, The AFLAC Duck, Howard the Duck (once seen never to be unseen), The Ugly Duckling (spoiler alert... really a swan), Ferdinand the duck from the movie Babe, and no list would be complete without Count Duckula!

When we had our executive board meeting about famous ducks some of the directors wanted us to add: Duck that responsibility, Duck and Cover, Duck Duck Goose, Duck the boss is coming.  We didn't think they really fitted the list so we are not even going to mention them.  


Sooooooooooo, if you are reading this between October 11th and October 31 of 2017 then you can use the discount code Duck15 for a 15% discount on anything in our online shop!


With a quack quack here and a quack quack there, here a quack, there a quack, everywhere a quack quack...  And to all our good friends in Ireland, how's the quack?!


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